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Duct cleaning is an easy way to take control of the air quality in your home.


If you’re a pet owner, this is especially important. Pet owners should have air ducts cleaned more frequently to ensure dander, fur, and dust are staying out of your home’s air system. Let’s discuss the three main benefits of having your ducts routinely cleaned if you have furry friends living with you in your home:


Pet Dander

Having your air ducts cleaned routinely, if you have pets, is that air duct cleaning helps remove pet dander, a widely known allergen. 


Pet dander comprises small flecks of skin, similar to dandruff on a human that comes off animals with fur, hair, and feathers. Pet dander remains in the air or on surfaces with dust motes eventually making way into the home’s circulatory ducts. 


Whether heating or cooling, the air flowing through the ducts can spread allergens, making your home look dustier and causing problems for anyone who may have a breathing condition, such as asthma.


Pet hair and skin can also slow the airflow through vents. 


Low airflow increases your energy usage, decreasing air that can recirculate. Pet allergies or breathing conditions are exacerbated under these conditions. 


Pet Odor

Duct cleaning can help remove stubborn pet odors. If you’re living in Lakes Country, it can be hard to keep dogs out of the water. Pet fur and excess water usually lead to unpleasant odors. 


As a pet owner, you may notice that your home smells too much like your active furry friends. Air fresheners and medicated shampoos don’t always work. Or if you have tried to clean your carpets to remove the smell to no avail. However, in some cases, the scent is trapped in your air ducts and vents. 


Air Duct Cleaning


Are you ready to have your ducts cleaned?  


When any home seller owns pets, the hair and dander from the pets will get into the air ducts and build up over time. While nobody is allergic to pet hair, many people are allergic to the dander that hair can carry, and that can be invisible to the naked eye. 


Duct cleaning controls dander distribution in the house and stops your open house visitors from smelling or feeling allergies.


Almost every mammal produces dander, even people, so if the home seller has a pet with fur, it is almost certainly producing microscopic dander.

Duct Cleaning for Pet Owners

There are several ways to get a home ready for an open house when the home sellers are pet owners:

  1. Hire a professional duct cleaner to remove all fur, dust, dirt, debris, and dander from the air ducts. This process provides a level of removal that is not possible with air filters or air purifiers.
  2. Clean the carpets. Carpet fibers can hold onto an alarming amount of dander and pet hair. 
  3. UV filters in the air vents to remove as much debris and dander from the air. 

Allergen Levels: Pets and Air Ducts

Several studies have found that indoor air can be 2-5 times more toxic than outdoor air. 


Indoor pollutant levels can be dramatically high: 


  • lousy ventilation
  • dirty ducts
  • smoking
  • household cleaning products
  • remodeling
  • overused air filters

According to the EPA, the average family creates almost 40 pounds of dust over a single year? As we approach the colder months in West-Central Minnesota and Fargo-Moorhead, many air ducts play host to pests. Husks of dead bugs breakdown and turn to dust attractants. 


At Vent Medics, we see these kinds of issues day in and day out. The weather in Minnesota makes these problems especially present. We can use specialized equipment and cameras to see inside your vents and show the difference after cleaning.